I can’t think of a way to creatively share the source of my new found resource for not only the tools I need to market here in this wide world of the internet, but the real tools that I as a non techie sort of fellow needs. The training and hand holding support of a company that, yes they will be quite successful on their own, but one that knows and cares about  people that come to lean on them and share through word of mouth, the great job and service that they are providing.

The company I am using now and have been for over the past year is GVO, Global Virtual Opportunities. They moved from Canada to Texas because they outgrew the ability to adequately serve their customers.  So now they are set to launch big time.

Yes you can make money with GVO too. Help sell the awesome tools that you will find work so well so your personal business.  The launch date is set for October 20, 2009.

I will be there whether you are or not, but I would much rather have a team of people like I work with on a daily basis at An Ever Better World online academy :


If you would like to explore GVO follow this link:

All of my best to you and your marching forward into the new world,



We all have choices…

Fooling yourself in the delusion that you are putting off that choice is just that…delusion!

So today I choose to step forward and put in my request for improvement from myself and make the choice of paths for this moment and move forward with enthusiasm.

Sure I may not know the outcome…but the reward comes first in the decision to MOVE.

I am already ahead of the game for today because I am blessed with the ability to choose…

and of course the loving boot in the pants this morning from the Dean helped.


Thanks Darlene

As many of us fellows travelers do, I to can get caught up in the searching for my personal paradise, until I remember to stop.

Stop and accept that this is the paradise that I have created for myself right here, right now. Do I have to like my paradise? Do I have to accept my world as I have created it. Well yes and no. I may not like my present situation and I don’t have to like it to the point of carrying it on to the next moment. I am the manifestor of my own life, so I make the choice to create and make more of what it is that I do desire my present to be.

Don’t like the choices or the results of those choice, then damn it get off the treadmill. Your immediate future is at hand and too your making. Starting with a paradisiacal mindset the universe has no other desires but to bring to you exactly what you desire. What? You are not getting what you desire? Are you sure? Just how are you asking? How are you envisioning those desires? How are you living in the present?

Clarity of vision is more than a simple wish list.  “A clear mental image” as stated by Wallace Wattles in his early 20th century book, The Science of Getting Rich, comes with disciple as with anything worth have is worth working for.

I work continually on that “clear mental image” as it is not as simple as the wish list, but well worth the effort.  I have accomplished amazing things in my life now that I am aware of the process and the possibilities. Do I still have improvements to make? Absolutely! I intend to continue with living life to the fullest that I can imagine. I have much improvement to make. I have some grand plans to complete before graduation from this plane of existence. I have big improvements planned for this world that I am a part of.

There are too many children and adults in need of guidance and support to rest yet. Oh yeah and my personal situation can always be improved upon, so I plan on continuing the search for as many tools, teachers and team members to join in my journey to Paradise.

I desire my vision of Paradise to start right now. They is much need for change in the here and now of our world.

The real fountain of youth is right here in your neighborhood.

Maya and I found it yesterday at the park in the form of a water play area being over run with happy kids having a great time with water play in some scorching hot ‘indian summer’ weather here in the San Francisco East Bay.  For the few adults that ventured into the fun they too became overcome with smiles and giggles of laughter.

Youth is very much a state of mind and those willing to participate and enjoy there are riches and rewards undiscovered by the masses of people who have given in to perials of adulthood.

I highly recommend a dip in the fountain of youth when ever you have the least impulse to join in. To hell with being embarrassed or that small voice saying I don’t want to get my clothes wet, or to be seen making a fool of myself. Believe me the rewards greatly outshine and feeling of dis ease.

Play today with your children. If you are alone all the better reason to go to a park and see what you may have been missing.

Have fun, get wet…find the fountain.

Simple wisdom

“A problem can not be solved at the level of consciousness in which it occurs”

Albert Einstein

Are we caught up in the perpetual loop of our familiar consciousness? Have you looked in the mirror lately and faced your personal demons? Are they so familiar that you have become so complacent that you accept without question the level of your own consciousness.

Complacency seems to be the all too familiar territory. Acceptance as if we must accept things as they are and yet we see the world class thinkers continually moving forward with their ideas and actions.

What does it take to move yourself out of this complacency? What motivates you to make extreme changes in your awareness and then your actions? What will you say to yourself tomorrow when you look in the mirror and ask yourself what you did to set out of your familiar and into the passion?

Yesterday I took a risk and moved to a new dimension, a new me, a new powerful World Class ME!

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Would you still choose Hell if Paradise was within reach?

Hell is a state of life for all too many of us on this planet today. It’s a choice made by too many. Some directly and others as a result of others choices or directions and we get caught up in the malestrom.

But we each have choices in the game of life and I for one wish to make the choice to create and participate in Paradise. Not in only the here after, however you may envision it, (or not) but here now in the life you have right here, right NOW!

Together with others of vision and imagination we have the tools to make Paradise in the here and now! Step forward and participate in Life. Contribute your energy to a life energized with Paradise within your vision for the children that will inherit the world and for all those that love and support our children with compassion and love.